WooCommerce Category Accordion V2.0(updated)

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Woocommerce Category Accordion plugin allows you to list woocommerce product categories and subcategories into a toggle accordion with expand /collapse option,

can you Woocommerce Category Accordion plugin as a widget or shortcode, This plugin highlight the current product parent category and subcategory.

One click install and easy to use

Woocommerce Category Accordion Features

  1. NO1 – WooCommerce category accordion plugin.
  2. Support Toggle and collapsed options.
  3. Support Click and Hover Event types.
  4. Highlight or Open a Category by Default.
  5. 14 fontawesome icons included.
  6. Option to Disable Top level Parent categories link
  7. Option to Disable all Parent categories links
  8. Widget Ready and Shortcode Option.
  9. Enable / Disable products count.
  10. Show / Hide Empty Categories option.
  11. Sort by ID, Name, Slug options
  12. Sort by Ascending, Descending option added
  13. Excludes category option.
  14. Highlight current category option.
  15. Highlight current product category option
  16. Control each Category Level/depth Option
  17. Control the Accordion Speed.
  18. Categories sort by and order option.
  19. Category Level Option.
  20. Support unlimited categories and sub categories
  21. Easy to install and setup
  22. Translation Ready.
  23. Light weight.
  24. Cross Browser compatible.

Every WooCommerce store must have this plugin

Woocommerce Category Accordion plugin provides easy navigation to your woocommerce powered shop produtcs, categories.

WooCommerce Category Accordion V 2.0
WooCommerce Category Accordion V1.2.1 (11-11-2015)

    * Toggle / Collpased option support added.
    * Hover / click Event support Added.
    * Open a Category By Default option Added.
    * HTTPS issue Fixed.
    * 9+ Color schemes added.
    * 14 Font icons added.
    * Disable link on parent category option added.
    * Disable link on all parent categories option added.
    * Tinymce shortcode option added
    * Deprecated Function's removed.
    * Category Walker class Added
WooCommerce Category Accordion V1.1 (19-08-2014)
    * Products count issue fixed.
    * Sort by ID, Name, Slug option added.
    * Sort by  Ascending,  Descending option added.
    * Level option added.
    * Minor css changes.
WooCommerce Category Accordion V1.0 (11-03-2014)
     *  Stable Initial Release.